the fabric of the cosmos

bwahahahaha. this may be the nerdiest thing I've ever laughed at [at which I have ever laughed? God that sucks]. By the way, Fenyman is the man, and Mythbusters is extra cool. But as neat as it is, I have a lot of problems with string theory.

Namely that no one can tell me why it's a good idea. That, and I don't like the concept that someday, theoretical physicists will derive an equation to explain all of what we currently hold unexplainable. I like the mystery of unanswerable questions.

Because it allows me to posit my own outrageous explanations of things. If you [whoever gets to be the authority about the nature of the universe] don't know what the real answer is, you can't discard my personal hypothesis that the Theory of Everything is based on Pure Poetry and Icelandic Rocks.

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