another short and revealing list

well, it's been a weekend of epic proportions friends. a short checklist:

-seeing the penis of a total stranger on the crowded dance floor of a bar with friends from freshman year
-injuries: a hand punctured with a barbeque skewer and a foot sliced open on an as yet unidentified object. this bled like a motherfuck, and i didn't realize it until i was walking to 7-11 for cigs and my sandal was soaked with blood
- the return of the sun, as well as bare feet, hopscotch, beer pong on the front lawn, bubbles and hoola hoops
- a "riot" in town, complete with inappropriate police action and tear gas (probably a whole separate post on this as shit goes down this week)
-oh, and i have a million things to do before graduation, but i'm probably just going to keep procrastinating with good company and alcohol. if you know what's good for you, you'll probably want to join.