god hates cheaters, pt. whatever

Ex-Pats employee sends the NFL six tapes of five games where the Patriots recorded the opposing teams play-calling signals.

Of course, two of the tapes are from the 2002 AFC Championship game against (wait for it) The Pittsburgh Steelers. Loyal 'burghers will recall the absolute awfulness of the that game, wherein the Steelers were ranked first in defense and third in offense in the NFL and managed to look no better than the Hempfield Area High School Spartans, high on heads full of acid. A recap:

In the AFC Championship Game at Pittsburgh, the Patriots were nine-point underdogs, and Tom Brady was knocked out with an injured leg in the first half. However, Drew Bledsoe came in and led the Pats to a 24-17 win, thanks to a Troy Brown 55-yard TD punt return and a 60-yard return of a blocked FG for a TD. The Patriots intercepted Steelers QB Kordell Stewart three times, and Pittsburgh running backs were held to just 19 yards. Starting with that win, the Patriots are 5-1 against the Steelers, including a 30-14 win in the 2002 season opener.

You will recall the "Slash" lost his starting job after that season (not to blame the Pats, because he was sucking in general, BUT performed excellently in the 2001 season), and the Stillers lost several subsequent playoff matches to the almighty New England Patriots.

Not to mention Steelers fans have had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous righteousness from uppity Pats fans for years.

Karma's a bitch, and God hates cheaters. And Massachusetts.