See ya, Scooter

Duke sucks

This is bullshit.

I mean, ok, whether or not it's merited, a deaf, blind, autistic chimp could come up with Duke and Connecticut as 1-2 for a pre-season basketball poll. But Texas and VILLINOVA before Michigan State?

Of those three teams...Who was in the Final Four last year? Who's got a beast of a returning center, two acrobats with crazy shots and a little point guard whose ball-handling is out of this world?

And most importantly, who whooped Duke in the third round of the tourney last year?

Obviously, the answer to all of these questions is Michigan State, a team which received no first place votes.

Whatever, J.J. Reddick has backne and State is going to win it all this year.

Just saying. SOMETHING good has to happen for me sports related this year.


39 fucking percent


Granted, this is only a poll. But seriously? WHERE WAS THIS A YEAR AGO?

God, I hate the American public.


I want to shake this kid's hand

A-Huff, my hero

From The Huffington Post

To borrow a phrase from that era, let me make myself perfectly clear: I'm not saying that Plamegate is the same as Watergate. I'm saying it's worse. Much, much worse. No one died as a result of Watergate, but 2,000 American soldiers have now been killed and thousands more wounded to rid the world of an imminent threat that wasn't.

Could there be anything bigger?

After getting a fumbling cipher like George W. Bush elected president, the powers-behind-the-throne must have believed they were untouchable and could get away with anything -- including lying about WMD, outing a CIA agent, and, perhaps, lying to a special prosecutor.

Oh Arianna, I would marry you if we didn't live in such a bigoted, fearful country.

We are not amused

This just in: White House has no sense of humor

Are you serious?

Please, please, please, let me get what I want

Dear Santa Clause,

While I know I haven't been the best behaved girl this year, there are a lot of people who've been worse than me. As a matter of fact, all I want for Christmas this year are for the CIA leak indictments to be a trainwreck of political responsibility and finger-pointing. And for people to sit up, out of their Cheetos and E! True Hollywood Story induced comas, and get a fucking clue, that our government is run by OVERT liars, cheats and the sleaziest kind of robo-politicians known to man kind. Guess what? You people elected them. I blame every single uninformed idiot who cast a ballot last year, everyone who couldn't be bothered to get off their asses to vote, and any idiot who voted for Ralph Nader. But I digress.

Santa, all I'm asking for is some political accountability and news judgement. Thanks.


Also, IF you watch Laguna Beach (It's a guilty pleasure, I know) here is an except from what the extremely eloquent Talan Torriero about what he's doing with his life now.

Talan is also working on his first album. "Music has always been in my life," the southern California surfer explains. Now he's landed in the studio with Dallas Austin and Damon Thomas, superfamous producers known for thier work with Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. "I'm planning on going the route of Jimmy Eat World's first record or Green Day's latest," he says. "I want to do songs about politics, love and war."

It is obvious. OBVIOUS that Talan thinks that Jimmy Eat World's first album was Bleed American , released in 2001. Which, um, isn't really political. Nor was Jimmy Eat World released in 1994, Static Prevails, 1996, or Clarity , 1999.

As a matter of fact, I can't think of any Jimmy records that I, personally, would define as political.

Shut up Talan.


So little to do, so much time. Wait. Strike that, reverse it.

This just in.

Rosa Parks died Monday night. She was 92. This is surreal.


Apparently, if you are between the ages of 16 and 25, there is an Department of Defense database that has your Soc, your e-mail address, your grades and your DMV info. You can't opt out of it and the goverment can use said information however it wants.(i.e. it can be shared with Congress, the FBI or even other countries.)

I wish I had time to research this, but it's Hell week. Let me know if you find anything out. If this is old news, stfu, I haven't heard anything about it.


My open arms, my lucky charm

A memo to the Cincinatti Bengals: The Pittsburgh Steelers own the AFC North. You are merely renting your time here. And don't you ever get all uppity and forget it again, bitches.

Cowher's approval rating is 96%, according to ESPN.com. Man should run for mayor.

In other news, I am pissed, pissed, pissed about not getting to see The Frames this weekend. This will have to do. Oh Glen.

ALSO-in case I haven't pimped them enough on here (well in past entries, that have now been deleated) LISTEN TO THE FRAMES. They are so good. I want to make love to their music.


The only thing I knew how to do was keep on keepin' on

So after a few weeks away and several nervous breakdowns later, I decided I miss this thing.
If you are so inclined, you will be treated to my daily ramblings again. Unless you are a certain elf-looking bitch, in which case I am about four seconds away from hitch-hiking to Rochester and breaking your knees.

So, let's start out easy. Albums consuming my life right now
Set List -The Frames
Tiny Cities -Sun Kil Moon
The Moon & Antarctica-Modest Mouse
Extraordinary Machine -Fiona Apple
Mic City Sons-Heatmiser
XO-Elliot Smith

Let's see how long it takes for people to realize I'm writing again, if they notice at all.


I quit, you win.

Happy now?

Now go find someone else's life to ruin.