Pretty please?

Dear Al,

Please run for President in '08. Give them the rope-a-dope. Let Hilary and Obama swing until they've got nothing left, and the enter the race. Please. You've been nominated for an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize. Your have become distinguished rather than creepy. You have always been against the war, ahead of the curve on the environment...and well, everything else. You've already WON a presidential election for God's sake. Also, you are tossing around an Earth beach ball with Richard Branson. You might even be (dare I say it?) cool.

Finally-we thought you were stiff and unrelateable in 2000. Then, we saw John Kerry. No one has ever botched a campaign so thoroughly. Please Al. Please. You can wait six months and raise mad bank over the Internets (you did invent them, after all) in like, a week.

And make Hilary your running mate. Gore/Clinton '08? Yes, please.